Kyle Kotajarvi

Day 6: Family Day

Today is a family and friends day for Kassidy! When we woke up this morning, Kassidy’s mom had about 20 pancakes waiting for us.  None of us were really hungry, so as brave as those pancakes were, they were left uneaten.  The three of us hadn’t slept much since arriving in Seattle, so we took full advantage of our foggy states of mind and took our sweet time starting the day.

We left the house around lunchtime to run some errands in Sammamish before we headed downtown.  We were all starving by this time (should have eaten pancakes), so Kassidy suggested we eat at Dick's Drive-In.  Dick’s is a local Seattle chain of In-N-Out style food.  It's very cheap and pretty good!  Everything is Á la carte, so you're not roped into ordering too much, which is nice for a traveler on a budget.  After eating, we went to Glazer's, so Kassidy could buy some film.

After all of our errands were complete we headed to the airport to pick up Dustin.  Dustin would be joining us on the Seattle to Los Angeles leg of our trip and then would be flying to Minneapolis.  After we  picked Dustin up from Sea-Tac, we grabbed five  pizzas from Papa Murphy’s and headed over to Kassidy’s cousin's place to watch some movies and hang out. 

That was basically it for today! I didn't take any photos, so there's that.